Thursday, April 4, 2013

Going a little insane again!

I've been working on my Nearly Insane blocks again. I find it a very interesting process. Sometimes the parts that look the easiest are the ones that I have to redo the most! I have no idea why that is, but my rule is...if I have to rip it out twice, it's time to move to another project. That truly keeps me from going insane.

Here's how I'm handling this huge, on going process...

First I make copies of a few blocks.

I trim them to size and label them with the block number.
Then I label the colors for each section.
I pull fabrics that I think will work for the block.

Then I cut the pieces I will need, so I have a block "kit".

I take it to the machine and make the sections that can't be paper pieced.
Then I use those assembled sections and piece them together using paper piecing or traditional piecing.

Finally, I hang them on the design wall and admire my progress.
I still have a long way to go, but I am really proud of the this little collection so far.

It's not something I could work on continuously though, that would make me crazy!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. The second block in from the right caught my eye. I like the design and fabrics you chose for that one in particular. I made a few Insane blocks a couple years ago and never picked up the project again. I just don't enjoy making them all that much though I like the look.

  2. I have the book but have never started the quilt

  3. Your colors are awesome! Love how you explain your process. I have the book too, but never could imagine getting through all those blocks. You make it actually sound possible!:)

  4. Your blocks are so pretty! You're going to have a lovely quilt when you get done. I like the rip twice and move to a different project rule. :-) That makes sense to me!

  5. Your blocks are gorgeous! I would have to remove the "nearly" if I attempted them however... so I'll just admire yours and stay sane.


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