Monday, April 15, 2013

Half Square Triangles

**For the purpose of this post (and to make life easier in general) we will refer to Half Square Triangles simply as hst.

There are as many ways to make a hst as there are quilters. I honestly don't know two quilters who do it the exact same way. So here's a little story about how I make them!

First, I like simple. Second, I like to use strips. Third, I hate to waste fabric. Fourth, I'm not a fan of "trimming up" a bazillion little units.

SO this method achieves all of those in my mind. I'm not saying my method is better than any other method out there, it's just better for ME.

I have two different rulers that I use exactly the same way. They both do the same thing. I just happen to like the way the yellow markings show up on some fabrics better than the black and vice versa. I also like to have a back up if one get temporarily buried.  (NOTE: the yellow fabric square is just covering up my address label. I put an address label on every item I take to classes or retreats so they can be returned to me if I misplace them.)

These rulers both come with instructions and can be used for almost any size hst. The key is to be sure you follow the directions for your particular ruler. These both use strips that are precut (by you) before you begin. The strips should be the same width as the block needs to be with seam allowance. Or 1/2" larger than finished size. I plan to make 2" finished hst so my strip is cut 2.5".

I layer the fabric strips facing each other so they can be picked up and sewn without any rearranging needed.
By rotating the ruler you can cut multiple hst sets without any waste! And they are so perfect, that if your sewing is an accurate quarter inch, you won't even need to trim these. I simply feed them into the machine starting at the corner and stitch along the longest side of the triangle.
 There will be only one tiny little dog ear to clip!
These are all sewn and ready to press! See how easy that was?
Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. Very nice! I need to check out my rulers and see if I have an easy angle ruler already!


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