Sunday, April 7, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday

It seemed like such a fun idea when Kim suggested we do a Sunday Scrap Basket linky. I have plenty of scraps so I jumped right in! Then I realized I had more than one scrap basket...I have one for wools, one for selvages, one for strips, one for batiks, one for "parts" that have been cut or partially assembled, and then the official one where everything gets stuffed first...

Okay, I'll start here, but what should I do? I have been wanting to try this pattern since it arrived!

But I have a few ufo's already started (but let's not talk about that!) See, I've even made some notes...

Not that the pattern isn't perfect the way it's published, I just can't help myself! So I pulled these from the bin...

And I made the first block!

Now I need another cup of coffee! Go grab yourself one too and then go over to Kim's for a peek at what's happening with every one else's scrap baskets!



  1. That's such a pretty quilt! Perfect for your scraps. And I'm the same way--I can never seem to make a quilt "as is." LOL!

  2. Gorgeous quilt!! Which book is it from? I seem to go off on a tangent too!

  3. I wrote the pattern name down when I saw it. Don't blame you at all for starting a new project, I would like to start it right now too.

  4. You're going to just love making this quilt! I'm making it during a monthly class in Southern California and having a blast!

    1. Oh I wish I had a class to help me! I've made two blocks the wrong size by trying to measure and cut instead of using the templates. Apparently my measuring and cutting isn't up to snuff! Sigh.

  5. Thanks for the link. Definitely had to check this out--anything to do with scraps! Love what you're starting here. Looks very fun.:)

  6. I definitely like the pattern name.....Green Tea and Sweet Beans. What are Sweet Beans is my first thought. The design has a wonderful sampling of many different blocks.

  7. I am excited about your project! I can't wait to see more!!!


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