Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday

Still working on the Green Tea quilt to try and use up some of the bits in my scrap bin. I am not making the blocks in the order in which they appear in the book. I like to make the easiest ones first, so I can see some real keeps me motivated. But I digress. I decided to attempt the block called "Garden Path" but it just had too many set in seems.

It was going to require some serious template making and precise cutting and stitching. Forget that. I decided to re-work it in an easier way to piece. That's right...I took the easy way out. I grabbed some scraps and cut them in the size I thought might work.

Then I laid the pieces out like this and sewed them.

And cut them apart again.

And sewed a bit more.

Then trimmed it to size.

And then made two more!
SO easy peasy. (That's a technical term.)

Don't forget to check out what everyone else has pulled out of their scrap baskets today over at Kim's blog! Thanks again Kim for a fun way to share what we're working on!!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Thank you! I may use your instructions when I get around to making this beautiful block.

  2. Love your avoidance of inset seams--sounds super to me!! No muss, no fuss! Gorgeous blocks, too. Julierose

  3. Very clever... I share your approach to quilting. I like to do the easy parts first to build up momentum!

  4. Great idea to remake the block in an easier format! Very sweet blocks! Love them.:)

  5. Adorable block. I like your quilting style.

  6. How fun! They're looking quite cute!

  7. Very clever! And just as effective as the block with set-in seams. Your scrappy quilt is coming along nicely!

  8. I always love the easy ways to stitch blocks. Very pretty.


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