Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Toot, toot!

That's right, I'm tooting my own horn over here! Yesterday I had another "pinch me" moment! You may remember (because I mentioned it a few thousand time) that I have a quilt in the current issue of QUILT magazine. I can't believe how thrilling it is every time I see it in a store! It never gets old. Never.

So yesterday I found out that I will have another quilt in QUILT magazine later in the year. I also have a quilt being published in a calendar in July. Oh, and I have two small projects scheduled for the fall issue of one of my all time favorite magazines! And, I have two more projects coming out in two different magazines next year. Is this all really happening? Or am I going to wake up soon?

Oh, I do hope it's really happening! What a thrill! Toot over.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. congrats! what a great quilt! love the brown and patchwork combo

  2. love your nine patch - congrats on the magazine

  3. You certainly have a basket full of joy to celebrate!

  4. That's excellent, Diane, and very inspirational! Smiles all around. :D

  5. Very fun for you--NOW! Though I'm sure it was a lot of work initially.:)

  6. Need help Tooting?? We're so proud of you!!!


  7. Toot, Toot, Toot. I would be tooting for months, will look for your quilts in my grocery store.


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