Thursday, April 11, 2013

UFO landing site

My UFOs (unfinished objects) are mostly finished quilt tops. Some still need a border or a small detail, but most are just quilt tops waiting to be quilted. I keep them on a quilt rack where I can see them to remind me that they are waiting for me!
They are also a good place for Luna to hide from the dogs.

Where do your UFOs land?

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. My UFO's land here there and everywhere in the sewing room. Mostly hanging in the closet if they are just waiting for quilting. I have an extra sewing table in the room and many land on it. Some in baskets stacked on the floor. I have a lot.

  2. Luckely I just have one (yes, 1 !) UFO and is hanging on the wall above my sewingmachine. Every time I want to finish it, something else comes up and he is pushed back in line to be the next.... This is going on for 4 years now ;-O
    Love your quilt rack, would love to own one for myself, but have no room to put it, so....

  3. One is hanging on my quilt rack (had to take it off the guest room bed since company is coming lol) and the others are in a drawer in my quilt/craft room closet. Need to start finishing them so I have room for more fabric :)

  4. I have three drawers in my sewing room that are full of quilt tops plus a couple of shelves where the quilt tops get stacked on top of whatever else is in there. Eek! It's starting to get out of control.:)

  5. I have 3 closets in my studio and one has all my quilt tops and UFO's in it. The other fabric and the other customer quilts, batts and other crafting items.
    I had 15 tops of mine to quilt and am down to 11.... hoping to get 2 more small ones done this weekend then back to customers:)


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