Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Minute Tip

This week's tip is not so exciting but rather practical. CLEAN YOUR IRON because you know it's been ages since you last did this! (if you are like me, that is) There are plenty of different products on the market for cleaning, but I simply use a damp wash rag and heat the iron. I then press the damp rag and rub with pressure. If I find a stubborn spot, I lay the damp rag half off the edge of the ironing board and scrap the hot plate of the iron across the edge. This is usually enough to get even the most stubborn residue off the iron.

*Do I have to mention to please be careful when handling a hot iron? I really don't want any comments that include tales of tragedy...please, be safe!*

I never use water in my iron, so it stays fairly clean. But if you do, please use the manufacturer's suggested method of cleaning. So, if you only have a few minutes and don't know what to sew...go clean your iron. It will thank you!



  1. ...... *Ü* ..... I never clean my iron..... Naughty me, I know, but I don't see the point. Like you, I don't use the steam-option, rather a spray bottle, and it's really not dirty!
    But, just for you, I will clean it next time I'll use it, oke? Could be a while, for I hate to iron and quilt-wise I don't have anything to iron soon.


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