Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival, 2nd entry

If you don't know all about the Blogger's Quilt festival you can see my first post about it here. I mentioned that each person can enter two categories. So for my second quilt, I chose the HOME MACHINE QUILTED category.

I machine quilt all my own quilts (and rarely hand quilt them!) so I thought I should enter this category. But that left about 90% of my quilts to choose from. So I decided to choose my quilt called Memory Lane.

It is king size and is on my bed right now. We love sleeping under it because it is heavy! All those seams and quilting will do that. The block are five inches, and the red squares are one inch finished. I started this quilt in hopes of cleaning out my scrap bin, but I had to use a honey bun and cut into some of my fat quarters, and yardage. That's what happens when you make a king size quilt. But I truly enjoyed every step of it.

I chose to machine quilt it with red thread outlining each red square, and then put freehand feathers in the "rows" of lights and darks. I had never quilted feathers before and thought it was time to learn! So what better way to learn than to do an entire k i n g  s i z e  q u i l t. I would not actually recommend this approach, but I will say, I learned a lot and my feathers are pretty stinking good now. I mean they better be after that much practice! lol

I will say that having the straight line areas to work in was very helpful and by using a curved line (stem) to begin with, I was able to fill in one side of the feathers, then go back and fill in the other side of the feathers. So each feather is actually three separate rows of quilting. Don't even ask how many bobbins it took. I do know that I used almost two whole spools of Auriful thread.

I am so happy with the results, and I honestly enjoyed making it (for the most part) but I'm enjoying sleeping under it even more!

Now go check out the other quilts at the Blogger's Quilt Festival and be sure to vote for your favorite!
Have fun!


  1. I like that you went for it!! That's an ambitious way to learn feathers... Lovely work.

  2. Very nice spot demanding work

  3. Your stitching is wonderful on this quilt! Such a great quilt to enter.:)

  4. Great work and beautiful feathers. Good luck in the quilt festival.

  5. This is so beautiful! I like the pattern as well as the quilting!

  6. Beautiful Love the scrappiness of it and the red cornerstones


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