Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

It's that time again to celebrate with the rest of the blogging/quilting world...the Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy. She does a wonderful job getting this BIG event coordinated and even has some seriously awesome sponsors and prizes. I know there is no chance of me winning, but I just have to play along because it's fun! I've met some super cool quilting bloggers through this event and hope that there are more friends out there that I just haven't met yet!

Each person is allowed to enter two categories. I thought long and hard about which quilts to enter and which categories to choose. It was a hard choice! Or maybe I just have trouble committing to a decisions (don't ask my friends what shopping like with me, yikes!)

I chose the TWO COLOR quilts for this entry:

I made this quilt to be a companion to my quilt Dreaming in Black and White. It's one of my best selling patterns but it is KING SIZE. Dragging it around to trunk shows and work shops is a bit cumbersome. So I though I would make the same quilt in a smaller size (the pattern includes 5 sizes) and it would be easier to tote around. It was also fun to make and I may have been collecting red and white fabrics for *ahem* quite some time...

I machine quilted it on my Janome Horizon. I do quilt all my own quilting, and I actually like the process and the choosing of the patterns, etc. I prefer to do free motion quilting as I find following markings a bit frustrating. I think it's because I like to doodle, and this is just like doodling with thread.

I decided to use flowers and swirls because, well, because I hadn't done flowers like these before. It was fun to make some large, some medium, and some itty bitty. I also thought it would be quick. But after putting in my 7th bobbin, I realized this was none of those. I do like the results and I did like the process even if it did take quite a while.

(view of the back)

If you feel so inclined, you can certainly vote for it, but honestly, just pop over to Blogger's Quilt Festival, look around, and vote for the quilt that makes you say *ooohhh*

Now go on...


  1. Those are some awesome "doodles"! Beautiful work.

  2. This quilt is so beautiful:)))

  3. The ooh in each category plus the absolute favorite? So hard! Love this quilt. Very soft and romantic.:)

  4. I love the red/white combo. Your quilt is beautiful, and I love the scallop edge and sweet little flower quilting.

  5. I really like the scalloped border.

  6. Great red scrappy quilt! I love the nine patches and the quilting is fab.

  7. this is gorgeous! i love the border and i love the choice of red and white.

  8. Beautiful!!! I need to make a red and white Quilt

  9. ooohhh!! Yes, I voted. It is gorgeous with the scalloped edges.


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