Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Mail!

This is my favorite magazine and I get so happy when I see it waiting in the mailbox for me! My sweet hubby gave me a subscription to it last year for Christmas, and while I thought it was kind of pricey at the time, I must admit I am very glad he likes to spoil me!

Speaking of spoiled...guess who likes yogurt?
I promise I will announce the give away...just as soon as I finish reading the magazine!
:) Diane


  1. I wish I had a subscription to that magazine and might have to check and see if there is an on line one to get

  2. I treated myself to a subscription this year, and I don't regret it for a second!

  3. Love the magazine too and do buy it sometimes. too bad a subscription is so darn expensive, with shipping costs to the NL.
    My Cees (the creme one) is crazy about yoghurt too and always gets to lick my bowl when I'm done. The other three don't like it all though. Have to admit Cees likes everything we eat, even if it's just one small bite or lick. Pizza, peanutbutter, eggs.... you name it... Does Luna try to eat your stuff too??


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