Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday

Thanks so much for all the blog birthday wishes! It's so nice to know that you are reading and supporting this little adventure of mine.

But now it's time to join Kim for her linky party. I am so glad she started this because I LOVE seeing what others are doing with their scraps. I could say I just love scrap quilts the best, because I do, but it's also partly because I'm nosey. :)

So what have I been working on with my scraps?

Yep, still adding to this project. I made a couple more sections recently. I made the hexagon panel at the top by machine piecing. It's not perfect, but dang if I didn't get excited about doing this by machine. It really is possible, and with a little practice, I think it could be quite accurate. And a couple of pinwheel blocks.

I also made this little pinwheel panel. These are tiny, each pinwheel is less than 4". But it was fun and I think it would make a cute doll quilt, don't you? Just add a border, and it's done!

So that's what came out of my scrap basket this week. Now go visit Kim and see what the others have done!

Enjoy Every Stitch!


  1. You have been very busy! Love all the scrappy goodness, esp. the little pinwheel block. There's just something about small blocks that seem very sweet.:)

  2. Your pinwheel panel is impressive--4" is small--doll quilt sounds like a great way to finish

  3. I am going to have to make a pinwheel quilt. Every time I see one, I want it. Maybe I'll move it up on my list.


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