Friday, May 31, 2013

Studio Tour, part 3

The final stop on our tour was at Katie's house. Here she is in front of "some" of her fabric collection. She uses a light, bright loft area for her sewing. It is wonderful with windows on both sides, flooding it with natural light.

Look at her organized binders, all labeled...

And she may have a bit of a theme going in her house, can you tell what it is?

But my favorite quilt was made by her mother, or grandmother I believe. It is just stunning, with such a variety of velvets. Oh my goodness, it is special. Vintage and scrappy, two of my favorite things!

And Katie loves to joke that she never finishes anything. But she is hand-quilting-feathered-wreaths for goodness sake. Seriously, is it okay to be totally intimidated now? Because I am!

Thanks Katie for the warm welcome to your sweet home. Love those Scotties!


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