Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Studio Tour

Last Friday, my local guild went on a "studio tour" of four members' home studios. It was a really fun day filled with lots of good food, great conversation, laughing, looking, and exchanging ideas. Our first stop was at Karen's house, where her husband had baked home made cinnamon rolls for us. Yummmmmmmmmm. Oh and the delicious smell...

This is Karen in front of her fabric stash. But don't be fooled, she has fabric in drawers, bins and baskets as well. That may be why we saw this...

Did I mention that she is just as funny as she is sweet and talented? Oh, I could get some serious fabric envy going if she wasn't so darn nice!

This was in her hallway, on the way to Annex #2. Gotta love a quilter who knows how to take over an entire house!

Do you think she would notice if I moved in? Doesn't it just make you want to stay?

Gorgeous quilts every where you turn! And some really wonderful quilt hangers too! This one was in the bathroom!

Do I need to go on? Sigh. Oh it was just quilting heaven. And the next stop on our tour was MY house. Seriously, I had to follow THAT. Nothing like a little pressure. Ugh.

I didn't take any photos at my house because when we arrived, the cat had escaped, and the power company had arrived to tell us they were replacing transformers and would be cutting the power for 30 minutes. Seriously? This only happens in my life. My husband was out talking to the power crew and must have been persuasive because they left and our power stayed on! Love him! And Kelly found the cat in the bushes with the help of a dozen or so quilters. Later she told me, "Mom you have the nicest quilting friends in whole world! They helped me find Luna!" Well, of course I do, (but I already knew that) and since most of them have cats...they knew a few tricks.

Tomorrow I will share the rest of the tour!


  1. This is funny! I loved the mini tour of your friend's studio and annex but the part about your cat and the electricity--that is the stuff that makes a good book, human! Seriously, write a book.

  2. The quilt room annex rates as my best laugh of the day so far! Thanks, I needed that!

  3. Oh Diane, I love this post; it sounds like something that would happen to me (IF I ever let anyone see my studio {?}, sewing room, messy spot?, factory?) anyhoo...I'm glad that all went well. Lovely quilts...I actually don't have that many spots to hang quilts in my much for "open" type rooms! Hugs, Julierose

  4. Lovely tour/ lovely quilts - thanks to Karen for sharing! looking forward to more :)

  5. Too funny! Murphy's law and all that. Sounds like a great idea to get to tour some of the quilt studio/rooms of friends.:)


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