Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not Much Sewing Around Here

We were lucky enough to have a house full of family all last week. We enjoyed spending time with my sister, her husband, daughter and my mom. We managed to go ice skating, shopping, out to eat, boating on the lake, a water park, and every roller coaster at six flags. So you will understand if I say that I didn't put a single stitch in anything! They've only been gone a few hours and I miss them already. I do hope that they have safe travels home and will visit again very soon.

After they left, my husband took the kids to a movie (I usually wait to watch them at home because I find the theater to be too loud.) So in the quiet of an empty house, I stitched the block above. It's a 12" block that will be the center of my next round robin quilt. My guild is starting one in a few weeks and I am looking forward to working on the quilts as they are passed around. The best surprise is getting your own quilt back with five borders on it...and having no idea what it's going to look like.

Maybe this week will contain more quilting for me, and maybe not because my to-do list is two pages long. Wish me luck!

Enjoy every stitch,


  1. Very nice! Love the text fabric!

  2. Nothing better than spending time with family, no, not even quilting....
    I share your idea about movie theaters; too loud (and too much people eating noisy foods... ;-)
    Love your block and the text-fabric!! I always loved the idea of making a round robin since I read about it in the books of Jennifer Chiaverini. Sadly have no quilty-friends to make one. At least; not in the Netherlands. In the USA I know multiple quilt-minded-friends, but it would be to costly to start a round robin with them, don't you think??
    Good Luck with your to-do-list!!! ttfn

  3. Spending good times with family definitely tops being able to quilt. Great starting block for a round robin quilt. Our group has only done one of those and it was a blast!


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