Thursday, June 20, 2013


I'll admit it, I was hooked at the very first pin. I can't believe the online world answered my wishes before I even made them, but Pinterest was and is my favorite way to spend time online. Yes, I love to look at plenty of blogs, and I always have a game or two of scrabble going, but Pinterest is just addicting.

Before I realized it, I had 50 boards and thousands of pins. Yikes! How did that happen? If you are not yet pinning, check it out here. And if you are, (of course you are!) you can see my boards here.

I would love to see your boards as well! Leave link or your pinterest name in a comment so I can visit!

Enjoy every pin!


  1. I just cruised over to Pinterest to follow you. You should see me there--I'm JoAnne McPherson over there and the Patriotic Quilter on my blog. I just added a button to my blog to make it easy for people to follow me on pinterest. I googled for the instructions.

  2. I'm back again! I was just vising your books board and found many of my favorites! I can't believe you have read the Book Thief--one of my top 10 books. Have you read his other one, "I Am the Messenger?" I think you would like it, too. I am adding many of your other books to my list.


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