Monday, June 3, 2013

Spirited Quilters Guild

I was lucky enough to visit the Spirited Quilters Guild of Duluth last week. They were so warm and welcoming. I shared over 40 quilts and not one person fell asleep! I truly enjoyed meeting some really neat people. I also brought my daughter along to be my assistant. She was a good sport and seemed to have fun. She won the first door prize! On the way home she said..."Mom, you were really good! I didn't even get bored!" (Love that girl!)

I also spent the day with the guild on Saturday doing a workshop. We covered the quilts Kelly Michelle, Spring Cleaning, Plaid Paws, and tiny tumblers. Almost everyone in the room was an experienced quilter (and one very brave advanced beginner!) If I lived a little bit closer to that part of town, I would join this guild in a heartbeat!

Thanks for being such great company to spend the day with, I hope each of you enjoyed your day as much as I did! A special thanks to Sandy for getting everything organized and ready! Here's a few more action shots of our day together....

I couldn't include everyone because there was a "top secret" project going on as well. I'll be sure to share those photos later though, I promise! Thanks again for a great day!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Sounds very fun! That's a lot of quilts to pack in and out too.:)

  2. Hi Diane, just found your blog!!! I perused through your last posts and so enjoyed the guild and tour!!! What lovely talented ladies you know!!



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