Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Minute Tip

This week's tip is something that has been on my list for a long time but it very relevant for me this week. Stop what you are doing and
I know it doesn't have anything to do with quilting, but sometimes there are things we should just do! I call my mom on a regular basis, but this week is different, she is in the hospital. It's a long story, but she has had spine/disc issues for a few years and now she is experiencing lots of pain associated with the it. It is so hard to see someone you love suffer. I do hope that she is resting and I plan to spend more time with her than usual, but for now, I'm calling every few hours to check on her. So don't wait until later, just go pick up the phone now. It's always a good time to talk to someone you love!


  1. nice reminder! Hope your Mother is better soon!

  2. Prayers for you and your mother - so difficult. Good reminder, as I am visiting my daughter in Texas and talking to my daughter in Oklahoma. It is so important to keep in touch with those we love!!


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