Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fabric Desires

Fat Quarter Set--Pot Luck by American Jane for Moda
I want this bundle of fabric so badly I can TASTE it. Sigh.
Why oh why did the word "budget" ever get invented?
Maybe I should just go back over and read what Audrey has to say again about choosing fabrics and what they say about us.
Maybe I don't even want to know, I just want this bundle!!!!


  1. Diane ..It is a gorgeous bundle. I would like it too...But I am on a extremely tight budget myself these days...So I just have to be content to sit and drool over it but not own it...

  2. Hey now, I can't start being your conscious! hehe It really is a lovely bundle isn't it?

  3. And you should have it. Maybe a shop has a sale. Look at Or maybe a good price on E-Bay.

  4. I loved your post. When I first saw the picture I was jealous. I was thinking how much I would like to have that bundle of fabric but I had just told my sister we had to use up all we had already purchased first. You made me laugh out loud.


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