Thursday, July 18, 2013

My fusing method...

Typically I prefer needle turn applique, or hand applique when using wool, but since I was the lucky recipient of these pre-cut butterflies, I needed to come up with a plan for them. I decided that fusing them and then adding machine applique would be the best bet. Having not done this before in this particular method, so I decided to share the steps.

First I traced the butterfly pattern onto the flat (non-shiny) side of the freezer paper and cut out the shape. I used this template to trace onto the fusible web. I then cut out the shapes from the fusible and I ironed them to the back of the butterflies, so that all the butterflies were prepped for applique.
Then I taped the pattern I used to my ruler for a placement guide, to show exactly where I want the butterfly to end up on the block.

Here's the view of my little assembly line. First I have my hot iron, then the template guide and a mylar pressing sheet to protect my ironing board cover. Next I have my stack of precut blocks, the butterflies with fusible, and at the very end are the finished blocks.

Next I press my background piece.

Then I carefully remove the paper from the fusible.

I place the butterfly on the background.

Using my placement guide, I check to make sure the butterfly is exactly where I want it. If I can't see it, I know its under the placement guide and in the right location.

Then I carefully flip the entire two layers of background and butterfly over to make sure there is no shifting.

Then I press it in place, following the manufacturers instructions.

I flip it back over and admire my butterfly!

Then I repeat with the body unit.
And I am ready to machine stitch it down using black thread and a blanket stitch.
One down, thirty nine to go!
Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Very clever for placement! Only 39 left to go.:) hehe

  2. Thank you for this little tute--I have some hearts precut I got a loooong time ago and I think I'll use this idea...great! Hugs, Julierose


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