Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My little helper

She is contemplating which fabrics to use next on this quilt, and keeping the stack of quilts safe from the dogs all at once...

Whew, this much work requires a nap...

Now she's looking for just the right fabric...

And checking the design wall again...

What would I do without all this assistance?

Thanks Luna, you're so helpful, now could you please tell me where you hid that spool of thread I need?

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Thank you for making me smile first thing in the morning....I have two of these "helpers". Have a wonderful day.

  2. I'm surprised that she doesn't try to bat the loose blocks off the design wall!

  3. Well, whished my boys had a bit of quilting-feeling like Luna. They just care if the fabric is huggable and soft enough for their toochies (have NO idea how to spell that.... I mean their little butts)
    Found that spool yet??

  4. Your kitty reminds me of my little girl cat. She's extra helpful in the sewing studio. Especially on the ironing board. hehehe

  5. LOL, like the Princess and the Pea! But I have to say I blenched when I saw her on your nicely folded stash. That might be a step too far for me!

  6. So sweet! what a great helper
    I have a cat named Luna too :)


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