Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Please Help!

I know this is a long shot...but every bit helps. My friend Gerry Largay is missing, and she needs our help. She is a quilter and a member of my local guild. You can read the news story about her HERE and watch the video HERE. Below is the latest update.
LARGAY SEARCH UPDATE July 30, 2013: The Maine Warden Service will continue search efforts this week. Due to limited professional search and rescue (SAR) organization availability during weekdays, we have begun to organize an intensified search strategy with the expected upcoming weekend resources. We have received considerable support for volunteer search assistance and we appreciate it greatly. The logistical and physical challenges associated with this remote search area restrict our ability to use searchers without formal training provided by professional SAR organizations.

Both the Commissioner of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Colonel of the Maine Warden Service will evaluate each coming day to determine the most appropriate direction in which to proceed and search for Geraldine Largay.

As we move forward, we will continue to field calls and investigate all leads. Wardens need help in finding the caller responsible for contacting the Stratton Motel on Wednesday, July 24 at approximately 5:00 PM. The unidentified female caller made a statement regarding “inchworm” (Geraldine Largay’s trail name) being overdue in meeting with her husband George.

If you made that phone call or if you can help us contact the person that did, we urge you to call the Augusta Public Safety Dispatch center at (207) 624-7076 or 1-800-452-4664 (Maine only).
** UPDATE- news report HERE about the continuing search. No news yet on Gerry.
If you know of anyone who has recently been on the Appalachian Trail, or knows someone who has, please pass along this request.

Those of us who know and care about Gerry would appreciate any help, information, prayers or support you can offer. Please pass this request along on Facebook or any other social media site that might reach someone who can help.
Let's find Gerry and bring her home!


  1. I'm not close enough to help search, but I will sure be praying. Please keep us updated!

  2. Wow, I sure hope they can find her! I know you must be worried! Keep us posted...

  3. Oh dear, what a dreadful news. I'm too far away to help, but will certainly send prayers her way.
    Hope she will be found soon. Good luck and for the family lots of strenght in these horrible times.
    Keep us informed. Hang in there! xxx

  4. Just wanted you to know I received a prayer blast regarding Gerry a few days ago. From that prayer blast, Erin Coleman, WSB TV Atlanta news anchor, put together a great story on Gerry and mentioned the need for prayer. Also, I know about 400 strong prayer warriors who are lifting Gerry before the throne of grace everyday. Everyone keep praying please!


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