Thursday, July 11, 2013

Primitive Quilts Magazine

This magazine was waiting in the mailbox for me tonight. I was so excited I ran back into the house screaming for the kids to come see! I may have done a little happy dance too. Ok, I did a big happy dance. I have two projects in this issue. A quilted journal and a mug rug.

The mug rug got a full two page spread!

See...that's my name right there! I'm also on page 82 with the other designers.
I just might faint. Seriously, this magazine is so amazing and so beautiful and I can hardly breathe thinking about my little projects on those pages.

Oh, I should probably mention that there are other stunning projects included in this issue. The people who produce this magazine couldn't be any nicer, and they sure do a great job putting out a gorgeous publication (but I might be a tiny bit biased!)
Now go get your copy...HURRY!
Enjoy every page!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting!

  2. It is an amazing magazine and you're in it! Congrats to you and your hard work to make it happen! Very cute patterns.:)

  3. How thrilling! I once had a scrapbook layout published in a book, so I can relate a little bit. This is exciting! I LOVE the acorn. I'm totally going to make that mug rug when I get my issue. (I subscribe--love that magazine.)

  4. I am anxious now to receive my copy of the magazine so I can drool over your projects!

  5. Congrats to you! This is my favorite magazine - I always really look forward to getting it. I will be checking my mail, hoping mine shows up soon!

  6. Congratulations - can't wait to get my copy. Like you it's always a treat to find it in my mailbox. I always grab a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy the great projects in there.

  7. How wonderful!!! Don't have that magazine here unfortunatly, but if I lived over there I would have surtainly have bought one and show everyone the projects of 'my quilt-friend in the US'!!!
    You must feel so proud. Thumbs up for you!!!!

  8. Woot, woot! Hope my copy comes today - looks like they did a really nice job on your project! Congrat!

  9. Congratulations! I will pick it up at the bookstore this weekend. I have been thinking of subscribing to this one.

  10. Congratulations! I just rec'd mine in the mail today, I just love this magazine, your project looks great! Sally


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