Friday, August 30, 2013

Bow Ties with Y seams

Tell me again why I was worried about these? These were SO STINKING EASY. Seriously, I am shocked that I even paused before trying them. I cut two background and two bow tie squares 2.5" square. Then I trimmed one corner off all of them (at once) by placing the ruler at a 45degree angle and using the 1.5" marking on the ruler. The point of the square was exactly 3quarters of an inch. See photo below...
Then I cut a 2" square from the bow tie fabric for the center.

I layered the center piece along the side of the angle cut and sewed a quarter inch seam. 
I started and stopped one quarter inch away from the ends. I repeated this for all four sides of the middle square.
Then I simply sewed a quarter inch seam from the outside of the block to toward the middle. I did backstitch to secure the seams.

I flipped it over and gave it a quick press. That was too easy!
I might will have to make some more of these

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. I've made bowties just like this, with the y seam. I think they look more like bowties than all the "easy" versions. People hear "y seams" and freak a bit, but they really aren't hard, just a bit more tedious because you can't chain piece.

  2. Never tried bow ties but your post makes
    it seem easy.

  3. Wow, it is years since I tried these. Do I sense a bow tie quilt in the making?

  4. Hi Diane! For some reason, your comments are no longer coming to my "inbox" so I almost missed this one. I wonder why that is? I do think a bow tie quilt is inevitable, but I haven't officially started one yet. :)
    Hope you are doing well!

  5. I agree with Jo Ann, these do look terrific - like the old fashioned real ones.


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