Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cutting Tumblers and GIVE AWAY

If you want to win this 5" tumbler template GO HERE and leave a comment.

This template was designed to be used with charm packs, but can easily be used with any size fabric.
Here is a photo of the template with a five inch square of fabric (charm pack size)

Here is how it could be used with fat quarters.
Simply press and trim off selvages (save for later).

Cut a five inch strip. I have three fat quarters layered here.

Trim the first end.

Then trim the second side.

Flip the template and repeat.

All the way across your five inch strip.

**Caution, this could be addictive. But go ahead and keep cutting because this is going to be a really cute (and easy) quilt!

Tomorrow we will see how to chain piece and "web" the rows. Thursday I will show you how and why to use the "half tumbler" marking on the template. Friday I will announce the WINNER of the template, so don't forget to go HERE and enter the give away!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Looks super easy to use the ruler template for the tumblers.

  2. I just love it! It would make a great quilt in no time.

  3. I have that stripe in my stash - I can't wait to see the results of your red and white project.


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