Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Inspiration, where are you?

(vintage quilt spied in a shop in NC)

Where do you find inspiration for quilting? I am often asked this question. I'm not always sure it's a compliment, sometimes it sounds more like others are in need of an explanation rather than an answer. hahaha  But that's okay, I am very comfortable in my quilting and if it confuses other folks, that's okay. Sometimes it's good to keep them guessing! *wink*

(vintage quilt spied in SC?)

I do find inspiration from so many places. Lately, if you looked at my Pinterest boards, you would think I do nothing but pin. But how much great inspiration is hiding there? Really, the colors, block combinations, fabric choices, settings, you name it. That place is a gold mine of inspiration! Not to mention the mini thrill I get every time I see one of my quilts or patterns pinned by someone I don't even know! But I digress.

(collection of Edyta Sitar batiks)

I also find inspiration in my quilting room. (duh) Playing with fabric and watching for combinations that make me smile is always fun. Sometimes, the best combinations happen when two projects land next to each other and I realize they need to be combined together!

I also find inspiration in nature. I was sipping my coffee yesterday and saw the first yellow leaf float to the ground. Notice the blog changes...yep, all because of that one little leaf!

(vintage quilt spied in NC)

I find inspiration in old quilts mostly. I just love looking at work from years ago and thinking about the person who stitched those fabrics together. Was she working with her favorites, or just making do with what she had? Was she dreaming of the outcome or just stitching out the stress of the day? Was she making a quilt of love to give away, or a quilt of comfort to soothe a loss? Perhaps she was teaching a sister or daughter to quilt?

Wherever you find your inspiration, I hope you also find the time to put some stitches in fabric!
Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. I think that when people ask you that question, Diane, they are speaking from their own sense of lack, rather than in a critical way. So many people think they are not creative, which is a pity, because I believe that everyone can be if they want to.

    Anyway, I love those vintage fans! Great post. :)


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