Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Piecing Tumblers and GIVE AWAY

Go here for the tumbler template GIVE AWAY.

Once the tumblers are cut, the chain piecing will make the process even speedier.
It's important to remember to overlap the points of the tumblers so that the stitching line (quarter inch) falls exactly where the tumbler points intersect.

Sewing from one set to the next is easy. Just remember that the second set needs to be facing the exact opposite of the first. To do this, I simply place the second bottom tumbler face up, the same orientation as the top tumbler that is face down of the set I have just sewn. Like this...

By alternating the up and down directions we will end up with rows of tumblers ready to be sewn together. The rows are connected by the threads between the blocks and it creates a web of tumblers like this...

I don't pin the tumblers as I am sewing until I start sewing the rows together. I press the seams open, and pin at the intersections of the block.

I remove the pins as I am sewing, just before I sew over them.

This gives me nice intersections, and the seams line up perfectly.

 You can see that I never clipped the "connecting" threads, but you can if you want to.

Again, I press the seams open. It is very quick, and gives good flat results.
This is just a small sample, but I do this with the entire quilt. By adding one row at a time, without clipping the threads between rows, the blocks stay organized and there is no guessing which row goes where. I can piece quite a few rows very efficiently.
Don't forget to enter the GIVE AWAY.
Tomorrow I will show you what makes the half tumblers so fun!
Enjoy every stitch!



  1. thanks for the tumbler tutorial. Especially the pressing, that makes so much sense!
    i have a tumbler so good luck to the entries.

  2. You are very organized with your sewing! I have tried the neat line-up of pieces and somehow end up getting confused anyway. I am very envious of the efficiency though.:)


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