Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So Long Summer

(My quilt that appeared in QUILT magazine earlier this year.)
So long lazy days and long evenings.
So long hot and humid, frizzy hair and flip flops.
So long ice tea by the gallon and watermelon for every meal.
So long salads fresh from the garden.
So long my favorite season, I will miss you.
Hello shorter days and cooler nights.
Hello pumpkin spice lattes and knit scarves.
Hello soup, chili, and crock pot dinners.
Hello football games, and cross country meets.
Hello orange, red, and brown.
Hello autumn, nice to see you again! 


  1. Great post that about sums it all up... well... except for the missing Summer part... lol! Bring on the goodies of Fall!

  2. Love that quilt! The colors are so warm and cozy. I agree with you about not missing the frizzy hair. I always feel as if I have twice as much during the summer season.

  3. Fall is still a ways off here in sizzling TEXAS. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Maybe then I will come alive and get things done.


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