Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Mystery of Quilt Guilds

(Round Robin quilt made with my guild in 2011)

Are you a member of a quilt guild? Or maybe even a member of more than one? I belong to two guilds currently, but have been a member of another (before I moved) and I have some opinions to share about guilds.

I LOVE my guilds. These women are so talented and so gifted and inspire me continually. (And I'm NOT saying that just because many of them read my blog!!)  Sure there is the inevitable bickering about "business" and the never ending "show prep" and the committees, and the drama...but I work very diligently at avoiding all of those things! Well, except the committees, that is.

I like working in a small group to get things done. I like the fun of getting to know others, and the accomplishment of seeing the guild enjoy the efforts brought from the committees. Some of my favorite experiences have been while serving on the BOM (Block of the Month) and the Round Robin and the Social Committee. Who doesn't like a good party? Exactly.

This year I am going to be in charge of the BOM committee for one of my guilds. I met with some really cool chicks (they know who they are) and we planned an awesome year of activities. We designed a mystery quilt to be revealed one month at a time for the next nine months. It's going to be so much fun (or I wouldn't be doing it!)

If you want to follow along, I will post all of my "clues" here for anyone that wants to participate. I'll also be sharing tips and hints about how to cut or piece with photos to help guide you. If we get really lucky, I'll figure out how to do one of those linky parties so we can all share our progress. I know, you're getting really excited now, right?

Next week I'll share the yardage requirements and some general information, after I've had a chance to tell the guild all about it! Let me know if you want to join in, or feel free to comment what you love best about your guild (or not!)

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Wow, what a great guild member you are!!! I belong to a guild, too. It is lots of fun and I too avoid the drama!!! But such talented ladies who are so willing to give and share! We are doing a Mystery row quilt this year - lots of fun!!


  2. I love to be in guilds. I am in 2 and also small groups. I love to have speakers and show and tell, but like you can't stand the politics. Oh well, with one, comes the other.
    Good luck with your mystery

  3. Hope you have fun with your BOM committee! I'm not in a quild, but I do love my time with our little quilting group even if we've been slackers the last year.:)


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