Monday, September 9, 2013

True Confessions

I typically blog late at night, but have the posts scheduled for 7am. Let's face it, I read blogs in the morning with my cup of coffee and I like to check and see if mine shows up. Honestly, I don't have any really good reason why I work that way, I just sort of got in the habit.

Last night I didn't blog. Maybe it was because I was watching all kinds of crazy last minute scoring football games. Maybe it was because it was my birthday weekend and I was enjoying some time off. Maybe I just got lazy.

I have lots of moments throughout the week when I think "Oh, I should share that on the blog!" but it doesn't always happen. So my question for you is, do you have a blog routine? Whether its reading blogs or writing one? Is there a certain time of day, or day of the week, that you like to devote to your "blog time" or is it just a random hit-or-miss sort of thing?

Just curious.
:) Diane


  1. I had got int he habit of reading all my emaila nd blogs soon as I got up in the mornings and then I started following and reading way too many blogs and my day passed with not much but blogging acomplished. Since the surgery a started reading my blogs at night in bed...on husbands I pad. Cause I was too uncomfortabel to sit at my desk to read them onthe computer . Now it seems I am falling further and further behind with reading my blogs I follow. Except for a very small handful of which yours is one of. Now tha tschool just started back and my daughters play performance is finally over with and I can quit haveing to go to practice with her so much... And I have discovered I can't lay up till 2 am reading blogs and wakeing up at 5 to get her ready for school. I have to refigure or reschedule this whole thing out. Because now I seem to not be reading my library e books which are very important to me...It is my best for of relaxationa dn free therapy...Read books and escape from life for a little while. If you figure out a new schedule and it works let me know cause I need to figure it out too. and as you know I am attempting to blog more but it just doesn't seem to be happening like I had wanted..And I lost my sewing mojo and inspiration while I am dealing with all this cancer stuff. I think my lif needs a overhaul a total redo of my daily life schedule..I gotta figure out how to balanace it all and get it all fit back in.

  2. I usually do the blog reading with my morning coffee...but then, I HAVE to just check at night to see what else is going on in blogland...I am totally addicted to this routine. Julierose

  3. the only real routine i have about blog hopping is to check them right after i check my emails.
    time of day - doesn't matter' whenever time allows...but it is: emails first / blogs second...

    love your blog


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