Thursday, October 10, 2013

Candy Corn

I love candy corn. It's my favorite Halloween candy of all time, if you don't count chocolate. I think of chocolate as a year round candy. But, I digress...

I simply took three strips of fabric, sewed them together, drew a pencil line in the shape of a candy corn, and sewed along the line leaving an opening along the bottom for turning.

Once it was sewn, I trimmed the seam allowance to about one quarter inch, and turned it right side out. I smoothed the edges with a wooden skewer. I made a paper funnel and poured the crushed walnut shells into the candy corn. I made a bit of a mess. Oops.

Once I stuffed the candy corn with crushed walnut shells, I stitched up the bottom. Super easy! These candy corn are tiny, I used 1.5 inch strips, but you can make them larger if you like. I think I might need to give these to some special friends.

Enjoy every stitch!
(and candy corn)


  1. I'm not a big candy corn lover, but these are adorable.

  2. Very cute idea! Where do you get the time?

  3. They look so cute and delicious. I love candy corn and the little pumpkins too

  4. very cute! my daughter loves the bag of all pumpkin candy corn


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