Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mystery Quilt, Step 1



Step 1 Make 48 four patches from 2” squares or strips. Use two squares of background fabric and two squares of accent fabric for each block. These blocks will measure 3 ½” when you have them assembled.  If you are making the larger size quilt, you will need to make 100 of the 4 patch units.

Cutting: if you are using fat quarters or yardage, you will need 12 strips of background and 12 strips of accent cut at 2” x 18.5” (or 96 2” squares of each fabric)

Sewing: Sew one background and one accent strip together lengthwise, press to the darker fabric, and subcut into 2” units. Flip and sew these units into four patches.

Queen Size: to make 100 four patches you will need at least 23 strips of each, follow the same cutting and sewing instructions.
Enjoy every stitch!

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