Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paper Bag Quilts

My bee group has been exchanging blocks for "paper bag quilts" for almost a year now. We each started with a paper bag, two fabrics and one 9 inch block. We then trade bags each month and make the same block again, only with the fabric from the bag (we can add additional fabrics). Once everyone has had a turn with each bag, there are six finished blocks (because there are six of us..duh!)
The photo above is my sweet friend Patsy with her first six blocks already, set, and quilted! And she call me an "over achiever"? Ha. Mine are still in the bag!!

I did make two more blocks this morning for two more bags. Same block, just using the fabric/ colors provided.

I hope they like their blocks, because I sure had fun making them!
Hope you find time to sew a few blocks today.
Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. Fun QAL! We did something similar with our quilting group years ago. Very interesting to see the different quilt tops.:)


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