Monday, November 25, 2013

Cutting up...

 these shirts for practice...
into this pile.
And then cutting up some more shirts...
with this pile of leftovers.
I used the blue plaids, that were my dad's shirts, to make a quilt for my mom for Christmas. I sure hope she's going to like it. I would show you a photo because she has neither a computer or a smart phone, and refuses to use the internet, so I'm fairly certain she wouldn't see it, but I'll wait until it's quilted. Which I hope will be very soon.
It's been almost two years since my dad passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly, and I'm just now feeling like I can work with his shirts. It was kind of comforting when I opened the bin and started pressing the shirts. They still smelled good, like him. They felt soft and familiar. I guess I'm finally okay with this process. Grief is not something that can be rushed. Last year, I could not have done this without lots of tears, but this year it feels right. I hope it will feel right for mom too.
Enjoy every stitch,


  1. I'm sure your mom will love it! When my father in law died - also very sudden and unexpected - it took me a year before I could bring myself to open that bag of clothes. My mom-in-law loved the small wallhanging I made, she laughed and cried simultaniously..... Now she is gone too and the memorie-quilt is here. A few of her clothes were saved too and maybe next year I will make one in her memory too...
    Keep strong and while sewing think of your dad. I'm looking forward to the pictures of the quilt. Hugs, Bianca

  2. Your Mom will love it! When my Dad passed away, it was years before I could play any of the piano pieces he played without tearing up...grief takes a very long time and seems to ambush you when you least expect it....I am glad that you can do this now--it is a form of extending his memory for you both...hugs, Julierose

  3. Good for you and your mom! I think your quilt will be a treasure. My mom passed away in February this year at age 102 1/2. Since I was with her every day, there a huge void now. I saved some of her summer dresses, thinking about a quilt. But you are right, you can't rush the grieving, so that quilt is for a much later time! Happy Quilting, Annette in Omaha

  4. You' ex got a great collection of fabrics therefore from your dad's shirts. It will be a great quilt. I should get on with the one I plan to make from my brother's red and white pinstripes of all sorts. It' seen 23 years since he passed and I have not been able to get on with the process...maybe soon.

  5. What a wonderful memorial that quilt will be. And she will all ways have a piece of him to comfort her and keep her warm...

  6. Good for you. It will be a wonderful quilt in the end I'm sure. Lovely idea.:)

  7. Lovely idea and you were smart to take your time. I'll do this with my dad's dress shirts for my daughters...but he is only 92 so he can stick around for another 10 years or more!!!

  8. that's really how to do it.....
    i could just picture the pressing process....
    look forward to seeing the finished quilt


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