Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mystery Step #2

Step 2 Make 48 triangle shaped units. These units will be in the shape of a large triangle when you are finished.
Cutting: cut 12- 4.5” squares from the background fabric, then cut them in half on the diagonal from corner to corner. Without moving them, cut them again on the opposite diagonal. This will give you 48 identical triangles (4 from each square.) Repeat with main fabric. You will have another set of 48 triangles.

 Sewing: we will be sewing the background triangles to the main fabric triangles. Be sure to keep the background fabric on the left, and the main fabric on the right. If you swap the fabric (left/right) that is fine as long as they are all the same. Sew them together in pairs along a short side. Place the main fabric right sides together on top of the background fabric and sew along a short side of the triangle. When the unit is open, it will look like a mountain with a vertical seam down the middle. If yours are the shape of a square, they are incorrect.


Queen Size: to make 100 triangle shaped units, cut 25 squares of each and follow the piecing instructions.
These units will be trimmed and added to future units in another step.
Enjoy every stitch!

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