Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sneak Peek

Remember these shirts? The ones from my dad's collection of plaid shirts that I used to make a quilt for my mom for Christmas? Well, I got the blocks made...

I chose the 'goose in the pond' block for several reasons. My dad loved to go duck hunting with his dad and brothers when he was growing up. Once he became a grandfather he loved taking the grand kids to the duck pond. There was a funny story about how my son David fell in the duck pond one day but dad's quick reflex allowed him to grab David's ankle before he went completely under. Another man nearby said "Good catch!" Dad was always looking out for his grand kids and wouldn't have let anything happen to them.

Then I added sashing with plaid blocks to create a secondary design. Not sure what inspired it, but I like the way it connects the blocks.
And finally, I added borders. My mom loves blue and white and has most of her house decorated in blue and white. I think this will make a nice lap or cuddle size quilt and will look pretty across the back of her blue chair.
It's in the process of being quilted, but I'm not finished yet. I think I'll use more blue plaid to bind it with. Actually, I know I will because I used up the very last bit of background fabric for the backing. So that decision was easy. :)
Are you finishing up your Christmas gifts yet? Please don't say YES, because I still have two more to START on. Sigh. Oh well, quilting is all I have to do besides cooking, cleaning, shopping, decorating, and celebrating two boys 15th birthday between now and December 25th. So maybe I should shut this laptop and go quilt!
Enjoy every stitch!


  1. That quilt is just gorgeous...loving those plaid blues with the white and I like that secondary design a lot! Am still working on Christmas gifts--finished?? hah! Not a chance...hugs, Julierose

  2. Such a great quilt - I know your mom will love it. I've been so tempted to start collecting plaid shirts, but have not given in to that temptation yet. You are not helping!

  3. It looks wonderful, Diane! Great idea with the sashing. The blocks were pretty to start with, but all together it looks amazing. I'm sure it will be doubly treasured!

  4. Really great quilt! The plaids look wonderful with that pattern and I love the neutral look to the quilt. It's a very serene quilt in it's own way isn't it? Love it.:)

  5. Amazing job on this quilt - the sashing was inspired!!! Your mom will love it - hope you are prepared for tears!!! She will be wrapped in a hug of love from your dad and you! Gave 9 quilts for gifts last year, not doing that again this year :)


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