Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, Cyber Monday

It's already December and I'm almost ready for it! One quilt for Christmas is being bound, and another is being cut and pieced today. I will finish in time for Christmas (I just keep repeating that to myself!)

I've taken the "1 Mile A Day" challenge and will walk at least one mile every day in December, no excuses. Yesterday I walked the perimeter of the mall twice while Kelly and her friend shopped.

I've also decided to record this month with a "December Daily" scrapbook. That's right, fabric isn't my only obsession, I love to make scrapbooks as well. I had a chance to visit the (almost local) Archiver's yesterday and picked up a few supplies. After dropping that much cash, I MUST do this! haha I've already warned the kids that they will be photographed every day whether they like it or not. I'm such a fun mom.

I treated myself to a little Black Friday shopping too. I went to the local quilt shop and scored some super deals and a free bottle of "best press" with my purchase. Woohoo. I also ordered two gorgeous Jen Kingwell patterns (Gypsy Wife and Midnight at the Oasis) from this Etsy shop. Oh the loveliness.

I have some exciting plans for this month! I will be revealing clue # 3 to the Mystery Quilt on Thursday. I hope *fingers crossed* to release a new pattern as well. It's in the final editing stages. I also plan to have another etsy sale soon, in hopes of reducing my inventory before January 1. I'm also in the middle of redesigning my patterns and have hired a professional graphic artist to make my illustrations super snazzy. Whew.

I think I need a nap now. Too much to do in such a short month! I'll start with the binding that's waiting for me. Maybe I'll have a photo of the finished quilt to share tomorrow.

Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. You sound busy! Will be exciting to see what your graphic artist comes up with!


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