Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mystery Step 3

I hope you will be relieved rather than disappointed that this month's step is super quick and easy. With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought it might be better to make this month's clue the easiest of them all.

Step 3

Cut 12 squares 3 1/2 " or if you are doing the larger size, cut 25 squares from the focus fabric.

Please note: This is the largest piece in the quilt, and it will be important for you to choose a fabric (or fabrics) that you really like. It's an opportunity to go with a larger scale print, or an interesting conversational print, plaid, or fussy cut design. I chose a medium scale brown. I also chose to use one fabric even though I have gone scrappy up to this point. You might want to do that at well. My focus fabrics so far, have all been yellows, and I decided that this one will stand out. Please know that this quilt will look awesome if you use the same focus fabric as you did in the other steps, but it will also be fun if you change it up a bit. A different look, but not better or worse. Does that make sense?

So have fun cutting, and get all caught up if you need to, because next month the real work begins! To see the other steps, just click on the tab at the top.

Enjoy every stitch!

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