Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Adventures!

(Cinco quilt pattern available HERE)

I always try to avoid New Year's Resolutions. I feel they put too much pressure and set me up for inevitable disappointment. I prefer to think of things that I want to experience and look forward to rather than things to avoid or eliminate. I'm a wimpy positive person like that!

I plan to attempt some personal adventures in 2014. I want to challenge myself to the Mile A Day (minimum) that I started in December. I also hope to travel to a new place or two, try some new recipes, and improve my photography skills. I hope to make a few other good choices as well.

In my quilting life, I have some super fun things to look forward to! I hope to make a Mini-of-the-Month Quilt based on one of patterns (or not) and share them here. I also want to continue work on the Nearly Insane Quilt (not sure why?) I plan to continue the mystery quilt series with it's final reveal in May. I have a couple of projects that will be published in two different magazines and another calendar. I have lots of teaching to look forward to! I have at least one trunk show and one workshop on my calendar for each month and that's exciting. I also plan to release a new pattern in January. And if things all line up perfectly, I might even attend my first quilt market! I will certainly be going on a quilting retreat, and to several quilt shows and a shop hop or two. I hope you plan to check back here and join me for a few of these adventures. There's no telling what kind of fun we will have along the way!

Welcome 2014 and let the adventures begin!


  1. Best of luck to you! You are definitely a finisher.:)

  2. Wow- what a fun and busy year you have lined up on the quilting front!


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