Friday, December 6, 2013

Under the Mistletoe

I am thrilled to be introducing my newest pattern Under the Mistletoe. This quilt has been a joy to design and make. I love this "pickle dish" block and decided to make one that is a bit smaller (6") and has fewer blades than most I've seen. I also wanted to take out the extra seams in the background. I really think the changes make it much easier to piece and give a wonderful result. I hired a computer genius to do my diagrams and templates and am thrilled with her work!  I will be teaching several workshops on this in the coming months and will try to make a tutorial on 'curved piecing' here as soon as I can. If you are scared of paper piecing or curved piecing...don't be! This quilt proves that both can be fun and rewarding.

Go here to view more photos and read all about it. Go here to see the PDF version.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. This is a stunning quilt. I think that dark backgrounds enhance perfectly bright colors. Congratulations!

  2. Really lovely! Your quilt just glows in those colors!:)

  3. The colors are gorgeous! I'm working on a red and green quilt (two, actually) and hesitate about fabrics, shades, and tints. Seeing this quilt makes me think I should be braver. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  4. what a lovely quilt! I've always wanted to do a pickle dish quilt. Your colors are warm and wonderful

  5. Wow - what a stunning quilt! Love your variety of greens and reds. Superb colour choice again.😃


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