Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2 quilts 4 charity

This quilt top should come with sunglasses. I know it is crazy bright, but I won this set of blocks at a quilt retreat several years ago. We were each given a small amount of the sashing fabric and asked to make a block. Then several winners were chosen (my block is in the top row, center) and we were given a set of blocks and one yard of the fabric. The request was that we finish the quilt and donate it to a good cause. Honestly, I had forgotten I had this set of blocks until I came across it recently. I pieced them together with the sashing and now I just have to quilt it!

These blocks are so soft and sweet (no sunglasses needed.) I picked up these fabrics on the 'free swap' table at guild a couple of years ago. I made one donation quilt out of the fabrics but had some leftover. I didn't think I had enough to make another top, but I actually do. I do realize that the bottom row has an extra four patch, I ran out of alternate blocks. I'm okay with that. The blocks will finish at five inches, so this will be a great baby quilt for someone. I should be able to get these blocks together and quilted without much trouble at all.
It feels good to make quilts for others doesn't it?
Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Gorgeous quilts. Love the bright one.

  2. It really does feel good to give quilts as well to hoard them! These will be very sweet charity quilts!

  3. What nice charity quilts! will be sure to bring some happiness to its recipients!


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