Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Design Wall Basting

I use my design wall to baste small quilts. Do you do this?
First I piece the backing to the size needed, press it, and pin it to the design wall.
Then I cut the batting to the size needed and pin it on top of the backing, making sure it is smooth and even. I had to piece this one along one side. I just use a wide zig zag stitch and it works just fine.

Then I layer the quilt top on the center of this and I have my sandwich. I smooth it evenly from the middle to the edges and corners. I pin the corners and sides with straight pins to hold it in place.

Can you see the little green pin? Notice that I leave just enough of the batting and backing showing around the edges to make handling it easier, but not too much, so I can avoid unnecessary bulk.

Now it's all smoothed and flat so I can start at the bottom and attach the safety pins. I am careful to avoid any shifting and use slight pressure by pulling the sandwich to keep it taught (but not enough to stretch it!)

I continue adding safety pins by going across the rows working my way from the bottom to the top.

Here's a peek at the back, no puckers or tucks, just nice and smooth like it should be.

Now it's all pin basted and ready to quilt.
I just machine quilted this one in the ditch with my walking foot.

Of course you need to see the finished quilt all quilted and bound and ready to give away!

So, are you going to give design wall basting a try? Or do you have any basting suggestions that might help? This is so much easier than crawling around on the floor!
Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Great idea! I usually baste my small quilts on my big cutting mat, but next time I'm going to use my design wall!

  2. That beats either crawling on the floor or using a table - ouch my poor knees and back.

  3. My design wall is very small, but that is a stunning idea.:)

  4. you are the first quilter i've seen do this........ besides me!!
    the difference is..... i use basting spray...
    and i do just like you did; i put the backing on the design wall - straighten it out
    apply basting spray, then top it with the batting and straighten it out
    then apply basting spray, and top it with the top and straighten it out...
    and head with the sandwich to my sewing machine
    s-o-o much easier on my back and knees!!


  5. Great idea! I still prefer to do the whole thing on my longarm...but if I have something way too small for my LA, I'll use your idea!! It was sandwiching that tipped me over into buying a longarm...hate it with a passion!!! I got lucky and now it is my "job"!!


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