Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Out of Here!

These cows will not be going, but I will miss driving by them every day!

This weekend is my guild's retreat. I look forward to this all year long! We hit the road early Friday morning and stop at quilt shops on the way, in case there might be one more thing we need for the weekend. *wink* Then we arrive at the retreat center mid-day on Friday. We sew, and visit, and talk, and laugh and eat and sleep and repeat, until Sunday. It is so good for my soul to be with my friends and surrounded by so many gorgeous quilts in progress. There will be 30 of us this year, and it promises to be full of fun, fabric, and friendship...what else could a quilter ask for?

Have a wonderful weekend, where ever you spend it!


  1. Enjoy your retreat and hope the weather is good for driving. PS Get some sewing done too. Have fun!


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