Monday, January 20, 2014

Last Week's Mail

included these two magazines. I am a quilt magazine junkie, but these are admittedly my favorites. Nothing better on a cold day with a mug of coffee and quilt to snuggle under. I have had a house full of sick kids, so a few moments now and then to look at these has been a treat.



  1. Already looking forward to buying some good quilt magazines when we're in the US again (in 146 days, yeah!) . Here we have a few here, but most are in French and I don't speak french.... Which would you recommend most?

  2. Don't think we have those here in the UK but the Primitive Quilts looks lovely! I hope your kids are feeling better very soon!

  3. Those are my two favorite magazines! Enjoy!

  4. I got those in the mail last week too! LOVE fun mail days!!

  5. I love these magazines and have a subscription to Primitive Quilts. Where did you find a place to subscribe to Quiltmania?


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