Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mystery Clue #4

Are you all caught up and ready for the next clue? I am so excited to share this month's clue with you because it is a really fun step. We are making 9 patches! I have shown the strip piecing method here, but you could always make yours from 2" squares if that is what you have on hand. So here goes...

Step 4:

Make 20 nine patch blocks (Make 36 for the larger size quilt)

Cutting- cut 2" strips or squares from the accent fabric and the background fabrics. You will need a total of 200" in length (or 100 2" squares) of the accent fabric and 160" in length (or 80 2" squares) of the background fabric . The number of strips you need to cut will depend on how long your pieces are. I used 18" strips and I cut 12 strips of accent fabric and 10 strips of background, with some leftovers.

Sewing- sew the strips together in sets of accent/background/accent and half as many in background/accent/background.

Once these strip sets are sewn, cut them into 2" segments.

Sew them together into nine patches making sure the accent fabric is in the center and corners and the background fabric is in the middle of each side.

These blocks should be 5" at this point. I told you it would be fun!
Enjoy every stitch!

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