Friday, February 28, 2014

Brown Bag Quilts

Last year, my bee group started an exchange of blocks, called Brown Bag Quilts. Each person chose a yard of fabric (mine is shown above) and put it in a brown bag. We each chose a block to make as well. We would then swap bags and make our chosen block using the fabric in the bag and other fabrics that we had to coordinate with it. It was fun to see the blocks each month as they were exchanged and watch our collection grow.
This is the collection of blocks I ended up with. Isn't it fun? I know that the each of these blocks represents something about the person who made it and reminds me of them and their style. I am going to enjoy putting these together. I think I am going to border them in red and green alternately, or use red sashing and green cornerstones. Not sure yet, I hope to get a chance to play with them this weekend.
I love my bee group. They are so fun to stitch with and they are quite a talented bunch. What I love most is how different each of their styles are. It makes me smile to think about our time together, They really inspire me.
Enjoy every stitch!


  1. We did something similar several years ago with our quilting group. Lots of fun and you're right, plenty of sentiment too.:)

    1. I am looking forward to seeing what each person does with their set of blocks. There is always so much creativity and surprise. I better put my thinking cap on!


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