Thursday, February 27, 2014

Easiest Salad Ever

Everyone in my family is a salad fan. I am lucky to be able to get extra veggies in the kids without any complaints. But I get bored with the typical leafy greens, etc. So this is a super quick salad I can throw together in two minutes, and it is yummy! We had it with oven baked barbeque ribs and corn the other night.
Easy Slaw Salad
1 bag of organic broccoli slaw with carrots
1 bottle of Garlic Expressions vinaigrette (found in the produce department)
1 package of fresh grated parmesan
1 package of grape tomatoes
Mix the bag of slaw, one half to one cup of the vinaigrette and a handful of the parmesan until well coated. Garnish with a few grape tomatoes.
Enjoy every bite!


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