Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Raspberry Smoothies

This photo of my latest thread purchase has nothing to do with the smoothie recipe I wanted to share, but it makes me happy just to look at it! It is very Sue Spargo inspired don't you think? I am doing what I can to cope with this crazy winter we are having, and if a few new threads and some delicious smoothies do the trick, why not?

The kids and I made these smoothies the other day and I must say they are one of our favorites! So here's the recipe...
Raspberry Smoothie
(serves 3-4)
1 banana
half of a large carton of vanilla yogurt
(we use Stoneyfield, lowfat)
1 small bag of organic frozen raspberries
1 cup of orange juice
2-3 teaspoons of flax seeds
Put in mixer and blend until smooth.
Enjoy every sip!


  1. Very pretty thread and also a pretty smoothie! But no raspberries!? Haha!

    1. Didn't get a photo of the raspberries, we had already made the smoothies! Using the frozen ones prevents the need for adding ice. Yum. Have a great day!

  2. Lovely thread colors. Who is the maker?

    1. Just some mettler threads from the rack. I needed a little color in my day, so I chose those! The look pretty with my other threads on the wall, in my printer's tray. The simply joys in life... :)


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