Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I had a lovely sunny day to drive up the mountain to Blairsville on Tuesday. I was greeted by 100 of the friendliest quilters I've ever met at the Misty Mountain Quilt Guild. They are a busy with lots of fun activities, and they made me feel very welcome. Thank you so much!

Of course I had to make a quick visit to the quilt shop in Blue Ridge. I found some yummy fabrics on super sale. If you get a chance to visit them, be sure to check out the $1.50 fat quarters in the back room! It is such a fun little house with lots of nooks and crannies filled with quilted goodness.
I wanted to stop at the shop in Jasper on my way home, but my GPS had me turn left on a road I had never driven. Silly me, I thought is was just a short cut...oh no, it led me down a mountain road that had absolutely NO PLACE to stop, turn around, or heaven forbid...find a potty. Nothing in sight but apple orchards, cow fields and the occasional horse pasture. While the scenery was lovely, I was so seriously annoyed by the time I saw the sign welcoming me to another county, that I just gave up and kept driving. Grrr. I'll have to find another excuse to get to Jasper, that quilt shop is too adorable.
Aside from the GPS incident, it was a wonderful day!
Today I plan to stay home and quilt all-day-long.
Enjoy every stitch!


  1. How lucky to go on such an excursion, and how I would like to visit beautiful quilt shops! You bought very nice reproduction fabrics. Have a good quilting day.

  2. We were lucky to have you! I am so glad I got to touch your quilts and tell you how much I enjoyed them. DO come back. Glad you could see Country Stitches in Blue Ridge. One of our other "local" shops in Jasper, Quilt Shop on Main is very modern yet has something for the traditonal quilters as well. We also have twoshops in Blairsville and one next door in Murphy (NC) but the best the we have to offer is friendship! Come back and see us!

    1. I would love to visit again! I hope to be a vendor at your wonderful show and I must visit the other quilt shops! Thanks for making me feel so welcome!


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