Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 Minute Tip

The Bulloch Hall Quilt Show opens next week and if you are in need to make plans now! Call your friends, tell your guild, recruit folks at the local quilt shop, but get there because you don't want to miss this one! It's going to be wonderful, and you are guaranteed to be inspired!

While you are there, you can buy a ticket for a chance to win this raffle quilt! Isn't it a beauty?

Now go make your plans, I'll see you there!

Enjoy every quilt!


  1. Gosh, I *wish* I was in Georgia! I imagine the dogwoods will be blooming soon. :)

  2. Wow--green grass--wish I could be there! That raffle quilt is awesome!

  3. I wish I could go there... I am so far from all those fantastic places in USA, full of attractive quilting events!


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