Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review

I know I've been reviewing a lot of books lately, but I ordered a few online last month and I've really been enjoying them. Besides, they were a great price and can't be found locally. This book is hands down my favorite of the books I've recently purchased.

It's a small book, more of a booklet actually. It is chock full of history (I think we've established how I feel about that!) and the photos are wonderful. Look at these details!

It even includes the famous "Mrs. Billings" quilt that so many quilters have worked on recently.

This is the photo that stole my heart. I think the details in each block are just so heart warming. The fact that it is made entirely from silk is mind blowing. I have not read this book cover to cover yet, I'm savoring it in small doses.
I ordered it from here, and would highly recommend this little gem. It's not a full size book but the price isn't full size either. If I were reviewing this, it would get seven stars out of five. Sigh.
Enjoy every page and photo!
PS. For non-quilting books, I just finished Orphan Train and thoroughly enjoyed it. I just started A Discovery of Witches and can't put it down. I would highly recommend either of these. Very different but both good reads.


  1. this book looks fantastic! thanks for bringing it to my attention

  2. Looks like a great quilting book for sure! Wonderful pictures.:)


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